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The Faculty of Science at AVN has been instigated since its establishment. The primary goal of it is to provide advanced and pragmatic in-depth knowledge of science to produce high caliber science scholars. It aims to create foundation for future doctors, engineers, agriculturist, forest officials and scientist. To meet its goal AVN provides the best and quality education which assists to visualize true potentials of students in various fields of science. It was established by reputed and professional academicians in the field of Science who are committed to impart a need-based quality education so as to ensure academic par excellence and attain outstanding result in board exam. Our proficient and professional teachers deliver theory lectures along with practical demonstration in our sophisticated and well equipped modern laboratory to retain practical know-how to the students and strengthen their understanding.
AVN has now grown exuberantly to become an academic hub and one of the prestigious science colleges within and outside the country. The value-driven and cultivated science scholars from AVN are getting unbeaten success in global market.

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Curriculum & Syllabus 2019-07-31 15:18:16 43 Download
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Mr. Prem Nidhi Ojha Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9858420171 Principal View Profile
Mr. Narayan Datta Awasthi Dhangadhi-3,Kailali 9848451000 Co-ordinator (Morning Shift) View Profile
Mr. Chandra Narayan Thakur Dhangadhi-1,Kailali 9848424899 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Naresh Pant Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9848425911 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Raghubir Bhatta Dhangadhi-3,Kailali 9848422828 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Om Prakash Pandey Dhangadhi-1,Kailali 9848421451 Teacher View Profile
Mrs. Nanda Ter Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9848722418 Teacher View Profile
Mrs. Tulasi Sharma Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9848425731 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Narendra Prasad Bhatta Dhangadhi-3, Kailali 9848426742 Teacher View Profile
Mrs. Chanda Pathak Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9849112458 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Badri Paudel Dhangadhi-8,Kailali 9848442726 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Jang Bahadur Kathayat Attariya,Kailali 9868460805 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Anand Joshi Dhangadhi,Kailali 9848608596 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Manoj Ojha Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9848456310 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Hari Prasad Bhatta Dhangadhi-1,Kailali 9848420573 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Bikash Kumar Singh Dhangadhi-5,kailali 9848426566 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Dev Raj Ojha Dhangadhi,Kailali Teacher View Profile
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