Faculty of Management in AVN has been initiated since its establishment. The primary goal of Faculty of Management is to provide in-depth knowledge of management in its level. It aims to produce future managers and chartered accountants. It was established by reputed and professional academicians in the field of management. It provides practical base knowledge to students. It not only focuses National Examination Board ( formerly known as HSEB) syllabus but also focuses on competitive examination of CA and BBA courses. It conducts extra classes of research and presentation to make students competent and confidence. As a result, a number of students have been performing better in the field of research , and other examinations conducted by respective universities. Besides academic excellence, AVN conducts a number of ECA programmes such as sports, quiz so as to explore and promote the students hidden talents. In order to make the teaching learning process more practical and effective, AVN organizes frequent industrial and field visits and excursions as well. Similarly, the college encourages the students to take part in researches and presentations so that they could express themselves.

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Mr. Prem Nidhi Ojha Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9858420171 Principal View Profile
Mr.Sanjay Kumar Pant Dhangadhi-6,Kailali 9858421747 Vice-Principal View Profile
Mr. Om Prakash Pandey Dhangadhi-8,Kailali 9848421451 Co-ordinator (Day Shift) (11&12) View Profile
Mr. Govind Prasad Joshi Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 984842417 Co-ordinator (9 & 10) View Profile
Mr. Dharma Dev Bhatta Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9858485184 Campus Chief View Profile
Mr. Dabal Bahadur Bista Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9848424777 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Raghu Bir Bhatta Dhangadhi-4,Kailali 9848422828 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Liladhar Sapkota Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9858424545 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Narayan Datta Awasthi Dhangadhi-4, Kailali 9848451000 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Dharam Khadka Dhangadhi,Kailali 9800620449 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Pushpa Raj Pandey Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9848432441 Teacher View Profile
Mrs.Tulashi Sharma Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9848425731 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Khem Raj Pant Dhangadhi, Kailali 9848428762 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Tek Adhikari Dhangadhi, Kailali 9848424474 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Narendra Bhatta Dhangadhi, Kailali 9848426742 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Hari Prasad Bhatta Dhangadhi-1, Kailali 9848420573 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Uttam Bhatta Dhangadhi-5, Kailali 9848425772 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Kamal Raj Joshi Dhangadhi-5, Kailali 9848422700 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Lakshendra Kadayat Dhangadhi, Kailali 9848424355 Teacher View Profile
Mr. Deepak Paudel Dhangadhi, Kailali 9848489450 Teacher View Profile
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