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Arts and Education

A pressing concern and confusion faced by the SEE graduates is what stream to choose that will enable them to pursue a career in synchronicity with their aptitudes. You are under your parents' or peer's pressure to study Science or Management for a notion that is entrenched in their mind that the stream you choose after SEE mirrors your potential and Humanities is less prolific to your level.
Gone are the days when the Humanities students had limited scope in career. Now, humanities stream has a wider horizon than any other subjects that give you a plethora of career options in various sectors. This stream gives an immense insight about human society, its reality, customs, cultures, traditions and so on.

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Name Address Email Contact Number Designation  
Mr.Govind Singh Thapa Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9848540220 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Govind Singh Kunwar Dhangadhi-1,Kailali 9848470944 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Krishna Raj Pandey Dhangadhi-5,Kailali 9848473048 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Lakshendra Kadayat Dhangadhi-1,Kailali 9848424355 Teacher View Profile
Mr.Sanjay Kumar Pant Dhangadhi-6,Kailali 9858421747 Teacher View Profile
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