Dharma Dev Bhatta

Respected well-wishers, guardians and dear students,

I would like to thank you for selecting AVN as one of the best academic institutions in the region. This is the right time from you to make judicious decision by getting enrolled in AVN, where the students can quench their thirst of education in the streams: Science, Management, Arts and Education.

AVN, faculty of science, aims at providing higher education in science focused on theoretical as well as practical approach to deserving students who wish to seek a science-based career in future. After the rigorous orientations for two years, AVN students will be able to observe experiment, investigate and utilize their creative potential in science related fields with a marked impression. Likewise, faculty of management conducts management program to the aspiring youths of the country who wish to seek management as their career. One of the main objectives is to provide education based on practical orientations and to boost up their career.

Similarly, AVN has been providing the courses in Arts, which inculcate habits of adjusting in various cultures, and rapidly changing social environment, working as social mobilizers and having broad understanding of the lives and the environment around them. Education, as one of the programs, enables students to be associated with education sector and to develop their career as teachers, and educationists.

Highly experienced, dedicated and helpful teachers conduct the classes in a supportive and conducive environment. All courses are duly completed in time. All efforts are geared into making AVN a student-centered community college specializing in quality education.

In the same way, we focus on making students intellectually competent, morally sound, spiritually oriented, willing to serve, and committed to doing justice and open to further growth.

Last but not least, being the Principal of the college, I assure all the prospective guardians for rendering the education as required for Science, Management, Arts and Education streams to make your youngsters doctors, engineers, managers, C.A. and so on.

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